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So you want to write reviews for us? We would love your submission but there are a few rules and guidelines you should know and agree to follow.

Our main priority is to treat you and your work with respect, however, be prepared for constructive criticism and feedback. We want the site to exude professionalism and not appear to be amateur in nature to motion picture companies whose films we will be reviewing. If you submit a review and it is published on the site, your name will appear at the forefront as a guest submission. Please only submit original writings. We don’t have the time nor the manpower to check to see if every submission is original so we are counting on your integrity. Please don’t let us down.

All of our reviews are submitted on a volunteer basis. Our staff is just one person, the President of The Watcher’s Council Film Society. None of us, including him, are being paid for writing and our only reward is sharing our opinion with the masses. The being said, there are a few guideline that should be followed for submissions: reviews should be between 500 and 1000 words in length. Exceptions are possible, but shoot for this limit. Reviews should be written with wit, brevity, accuracy and originality in mind. Links to outside information are encouraged and appreciated. Whenever possible, avoid first-person references. Please spell check your submission. Nothing is more disconcerting than receiving an otherwise stellar review filled with spelling errors that could have been easily corrected. Other than that, write with passion. Don’t be concerned with what everyone else thinks of the film. Write what you feel, but write with intelligence. Most of all, try and remember to have fun with this.

If you still want to submit after reading these rules, please send your review to Guest Submissions. Be sure to include your name, your rating (see our Ratings Explanations page if you are unsure), and the best way to contact you. If your submission meets our guidelines or if there are any changes that need to be made, we will contact you as soon as possible.


R.I.P. Flak Magazine, the total inspiration for these guidelines.

Journalistically speaking, we are engaged in asymmetric warfare. Everyone else out there has more money than us, and is writing and editing during their working hours, in return for a paycheck. We are fighting Goliath without even a slingshot. We’ve got the journalistic equivalent of a soda straw with a wrapper that’s been pre-perforated for safety.